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Creating a new company contact
Creating a new company contact
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A company contact is a registered business. Create a new company contact to store their phone details, office street address and postal address details. Personnel contacts are attached to the company contact to show which staff members you deal with from that company. The contact and personnel details are displayed in projects, reports and document templates.

  1. Go to: Contacts.

  2. Click the add button and select 'company'.

  3. Type the company 'name'.

  4. Select the 'roles' this company will complete on your projects. e.g. prospect, local council, supplier, builder.

  5. Type the website and email domain. The email domain will be auto applied to email address for each new personnel record for this company.

  6. Add any other known details about the company - postal or street address, phone numbers, email addresses, or social accounts.

  7. Add a 'unique id' if you are using Accounting add-ons and this is an invoice contact.

  8. Add an 'account manager' if this is a prospect or client, to track which of your staff members will manage this client relationship.

  9. Click the arrow on the 'Save' button and then select 'save and add personnel'.

  10. Go to the add personnel contact instructions.

Tip: Learn more about the contact details shown on each of the contact tabs.

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