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Uploading a new version in the contact documents tab
Uploading a new version in the contact documents tab
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Upload a new version

Use the upload a version feature to create a new file version. This allows you to create the new version when the file is not checked out to you, or when the file has been saved locally to a computer using a different file name. The previous version of the file is still available to view or download in the document properties window.

The file can be saved on your PC, device or network with any file name applied, and the file can be selected and imported as the new version of the file.

Import a new file version by:

  1. Go to: Documents tab.

  2. Locate the document for which the imported file will be the current version.

  3. Click the row action button > select the 'upload new version' option.

  4. Click the 'choose file' button and browse to the location where you have saved the new version of this document. The document that is to be imported can be saved with any file name.

  5. Highlight the file to import and click the 'Open' button on the 'choose a file' window.

  6. Click the 'save' button.

  7. The list refreshes and the imported file is now the latest version of the document.

Tip: Use the rollback feature in the documents properties window to return to a previous file version.

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