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What is the difference between planning mode and delivery mode?
What is the difference between planning mode and delivery mode?
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The planning board works in 2 modes; planning mode and delivery mode.

  • Planning mode - In planning mode, the fee, the budget and your resourcing are all connected. This is great for getting quick estimates on projects that are still in the proposal status. When you set a value on a stage or on a fee, the system will automatically update your budget and estimate the resources you will need for the project. Use this as a starting point to tailor your own budget and resource plans.

  • Delivery mode - In delivery mode, the budget, fee and resourcing are disconnected. In the work breakdown, you can edit the fees, edit the budget, and edit the resource plan, and it will have no impact on the others. This is useful after the project starts. For example, you might find that you need to plan for more resources on a project than you initially budgeted for. You can move resources from one project to another without changing the budget, so you will still be able to review Budget vs Actuals reports. If this is the first time your organization has used the planning board, there might be some setup work that you need to complete.

Customers using Synergy Business cannot see the stages in the planning board.

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