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What is the circle with a line around it?
What is the circle with a line around it?
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There are two types of circles you will see in the planning board or schedule but they both show the same thing.

  1. The first type is the role. This is indicated by the first three letters of the role type.

  2. The second is the staff. Either the staff member's initials are shown or their profile picture if included.

The line around the circle is similar to what we have previously done in the planning board. It shows the amount of work needed for this resource to complete the stage.

How does utilisation affect the weekly resourcing?

  • Director A works full-time (40 hrs/week)

  • Director B works part-time (20 hrs/week)

When you assign a role to a stage, Synergy will look at the total available hours for the role. In this case, it would be 60hrs/week.

If we then reduce the utilisation to only 50%.

Director A will be able to work for the 30hrs.

Director B however will also be allocated for 30hrs but he will have two circles as he is over-capacity.

Multiple timeslots for the same resource

If you have multiple timeslots for the same resource on a stage:

  • The line around the circle will show your aggregate capacity for the timeslots.

  • In the right menu, you will see the allocation for each timeslot. You can drag the scale if more or less hours are required from the resource.

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