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How do I drag a resource's bar to adjust the number of hours?
How do I drag a resource's bar to adjust the number of hours?
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You can manage the time for a resource more finely by allocating effort across the stage. This could be needed, when the work for a stage is done at a specific time during a stage. For example, the draftsperson might only be needed at the beginning of the preliminary design stage.

  • At the stage level, click on the arrowhead that will appear when you hover over the stage, or circles (role and staff). This will move the circles into a vertical position.

  • The row now shows the hours the resource is allocated for the duration of this stage.

  • At this point, you can drag the bar or either end of the bar to the date required. This will likely change the capacity the resource has, as indicated by a blue or red ring . When you do this, it takes into account all the other bookings for this resource, during this time period.

  • The grid shows you how much the selected resource is working on a stage for any particular week. This means if you drag and drop a timeslot, it may affect your weekly hours.

Adding multiple segments

You can also add two periods for a resource on the same stage. For example, some roles may be required at both the beginning and at the end of a stage. Following on from the previous example.

  • In the void of the stage, you will see ‘+ add’ on hover. When you click on this, a new pill will appear to fill in the gap remaining in the stage. To adjust the hours either drag the pill start or end date to your preferred dates or click in the sidebar and manually do this using the date picker.

  • If you have multiple pills in the one week, the number of hours will update depending on your current day.

  • Clicking on a void will add the resource at 100% utilisation.

  • If there are multiple bars for the one resource, you will see in the sidebar

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