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What is the budget indicator on the planning board?
What is the budget indicator on the planning board?
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n the schedule, you can see how your resource plan is tracking vs your budget in the budget indicator widget. The widget will stay open so you can see how your budget lines up versus your schedule. It will close when you click on the 'x' or open a new widget.


You will see an icon at the project, phase and stage levels when you hover over a bar. The icons will also be fixed when the bars are expanded.

The tooltip shows if you are over or underspend and will constantly recalculate to give you real-time feedback. The amount shown is based on today’s date and will only calculate totals for future dates.

The resource forecast is based upon the rates for the roles and the hours forecasted i.e. how much time is your staff putting in. These two combined will give you an indication of how you are tracking. The total charges include all your transactions i.e. timesheets, bills, office expenses.

  • The budget is calculated by staff rates + lump sum.

  • The total charges are calculated by time + data import.

Budget indicator

You can also identify this without having to click on the icon. If the arrow is in red, you are over budget. Over budget means above 101%.

You are on-budget if you are in between 95%-101% and this is represented by a tick.

Anything below 95% is under budget and is shown by a teal arrow.

The arrows will recalculate on inactive projects every 2 days.


You can also print this out as a report.


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