MYOB connect preview
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The preview tab has a real-time connection to your MYOB company file. Connect checks the Synergy and MYOB data to determine what data can be sent by the interface, and which items area valid to be sent (without any errors). Any warning messages about the Synergy or MYOB data being incorrect are shown with the orange errors symbol. The MYOB Connect sync cannot be run until all the errors are resolved.

Each grouping row shows

  • Grouping type - Invoices, credits, export payments, import payments, bills, or staff expenses.

  • Warnings - The warning symbol is shown on any grouping row where there is an error on a line.

  • Number of records - The number of records that will be sent using Connect is shown in gray color text.

  • Number of errors - The number of rows in the grouping that have an error listed is shown in orange color text.

  • Total - The total value of the revenue that will be transferred by Connect.

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