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MYOB AccountRight Live Connect
MYOB AccountRight Live Connect
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Use the MYOB AccountRight Live (ARL) Connect add-on to transfer your Synergy data to MYOB. This avoids you having to enter the same information in both systems.

The following Synergy items can be synced with MYOB:

  • Invoices

  • Credit notes

  • Invoice payments

  • Invoice contacts

  • Jobs

Synergy Connect supports the transfer of data to cloud-hosted MYOB ARL company files. We do not support transferring data to network or local hosted MYOB ARL company files at this time.

Step 1: Setup the settings for Connect

The settings for Connect allow you to customize how your invoices/credit notes appear in MYOB. Control details are shown and the mapping for transfer of data items such as:

  • What sales account each invoice or credit note will be added within.

  • Which bank account the payments will be added within.

  • Mapping for tax codes.

  • Setting up what will be sent as a MYOB job.

  • If payments are exported from Synergy to MYOB, or imported from MYOB to Synergy.

Step 2: Preview the sync

Check what data is valid to be transferred to MYOB AccountRight Live by the Synergy Connect sync. The data is grouped to show the invoices, credit notes, and payments that are valid for this sync run. Check the data shown then click the 'Sync' button to transfer the items to MYOB AccountRight Live.

Resolve any errors shown before running the sync, or skip any lines that you don't want to transfer to MYOB. Lines are skipped by unchecking the line or the group of data, and on refresh of the page they are saved to the skipped lines tab. You can add back the skipped lines into a future sync as required.

Example of an invoice in Synergy and MYOB

The invoice below has been setup in a Synergy project for multiple stages.


The settings in MYOB Connect have been setup as follows:

  • MYOB Account code = Fixed to account 4-1100

  • MYOB journal memo = Project name

  • Job = Project number

  • Synergy invoice text = Sent as a $0 header transaction line

This results in the invoice in MYOB AccountRight Live being shown as in the below example.


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