Tax settings
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Map the tax rates within Synergy to the matching tax rate in Xero. The invoice tax is used for invoices and credit notes transferred to Xero, and the expense tax is used for staff and supplier bill expenses transferred to Xero. For example match the Synergy 'Tax Free' tax rule to the Xero 'No GST' tax code.

Tax codes in Synergy are setup in the feature: Organization > Settings > Financial > Tax codes. Synergy creates the default tax codes for your region, but additional tax codes can be added in this feature if required. Synergy defaults the tax codes expected to be used into the Connect settings for the standard tax codes, but any additional tax codes that you have added will need the mapping to Xero setup manually.

In the below example you can see that Synergy has two tax codes, tax applicable for a 10% GST / VAT, and tax free. These tax codes are mapped to the matching item in the Xero company file for both invoices and expenses.

Tip: All Xero tax rates setup in Xero within the Settings > General settings > Tax rates feature are shown in the Synergy Connect tax code drop down list.

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