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Xero inventory item source for bills
Xero inventory item source for bills
Updated over a week ago

In Xero 'Inventory Items' are entered on each row of a bill. Use this setting to control what will be used to create the inventory item for each Synergy staff (cash or travel) expense. The required new Xero inventory items are created by Connect as part of the sync. Xero Inventory Items can be found in Xero > Settings > Inventory Items.

The Inventory Item options are:

  • None - No inventory item will be sent to Xero. The 'item code' field will be blank on the invoices or credit notes created by Synergy within Xero.

  • Expense type - Most Common -This will transfer the expense type name to be the Xero 'item code'. The expense type is entered against each Synergy staff cash or travel expense.

  • Project number - This will transfer the project number to be the Xero 'item code', and the project name will appear as the 'description' within Xero inventory items list. Use this option if you want to create the inventory Items in Xero using the project number, to be able to include options for reporting by project number in Xero. The project must be selected in Synergy for each staff cash or travel expense entered.

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