Filtering Synergy invoices
Updated over a week ago

You can select which group of invoices are sent to Xero by using filters. Filters are available for office, invoice and credit note prefixes.

For example if you tick 'SYD', all your invoices from your 'Sydney' office location will appear in the Preview for import to Connect.

Note: At this stage, filtering is only available on invoices on Connect. Office expenses and bills are not filtered.

Setup this filter by:

  1. Select the 'Filter synergy invoices' option

  2. If you want to include specific invoice prefixes, project prefixes or an invoice office, check them in the relevant dialog.

  3. Each box you tick will be included in the sync to Xero.

  4. Save the settings tab.

Tip: All the unchecked prefix settings options are not sent to Xero.

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