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Synergy invoice text
Updated over a week ago

Enable this option to create an invoice in Xero that matches how the invoice is displayed in Synergy.

This box is checked by default, to send the information typed into the 'invoice text' field on the Synergy invoice or credit note to Xero. The invoice text is added to the Xero invoice as an additional invoice line. The Xero invoice line is created with no inventory item code, and has $0 value. The line will be shown at the top of the Xero invoice before the invoice lines with value attached. If this box is unchecked then only the invoice lines with an invoice value are created in Xero, and the invoice text is not sent to Xero.

Tip: If the 'Invoice note' field is blank on the Synergy invoice, then the additional invoice line is not created in the Xero invoice.

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