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Xero Connect preview details shown
Xero Connect preview details shown
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The preview tab has a real-time connection to your Xero company file. Connect checks the Synergy and Xero data to determine what data can be sent by the interface, and which items area valid to be sent (without any errors). Any warning messages about the Synergy or Xero data being incorrect are shown with the orange errors symbol. The Xero Connect sync cannot be run until all the errors are resolved.

Each grouping row shows

  • Grouping type - Invoices, credits, export payments, import payments, bills, bill payments, or staff expenses.

  • Warnings - The warning symbol is shown on any grouping row where there is an error on a line.

  • Number of records - The number of records that will be sent using Connect is shown in gray color text.

  • Number of errors - The number of rows in the grouping that have an error listed is shown in orange color text.

  • Total - The total value of the revenue that will be transferred by Connect.

Details sent in the sync

Invoice and credit details

Expand the 'Invoices' or 'Credits' grouping and a list of all the invoice or credit note rows that will be synced to Xero are shown. Each invoice or credit note is sent to Xero with the stage line details, the invoice contact details, and the inventory item details. Click on any of the green text in the list to open additional pop-ups to see more details about the data that is about to be sent for the invoice / credit to Xero.

Contacts sent with the invoice / credit are matched based on the contact name and unique ID combination (card ID in Xero). If a match for these details is not found then the sync will look for a contact with the same name. If a contact with the same name exists, then it is updated with the contact details from Synergy such as unique id number. If the name and unique id are not found then a new contact record 'customer' type is created in Xero.

Example of the data sent for each invoice / credit note

A project has four stages. Each of the stages are included on the invoice. This makes a total of four invoice lines that are shown in the Xero preview > invoice stage line details pop-up. The invoice contact in Synergy is sent to Xero to be a 'customer' type contacts record.

Each of the invoice stage lines are also mapped to include an inventory item in Xero for the Synergy project number.

Details sent:

  • Invoice total details

  • Stage invoice lines

  • Invoice contact = Xero customer contact

  • Inventory item = Project number

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