Synergy invoice text
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Enable this option to create an invoice in MYOB that matches how the invoice is displayed in Synergy, including the invoice or credit note text from Synergy.

By default this is enabled to send the invoice text to be created as a $0 header line transaction in the invoice, for any invoice or credit note. The information typed into the 'invoice text' field on the Synergy invoice or credit note is sent to MYOB.

The other options available for sending invoices text to MYOB AccountRight Live are:

  • None - No invoice text from Synergy will be sent to MYOB. This applies to invoices and credit notes.

  • As MYOB header line transactions - The invoice / credit note text will be added as a $0 line in the invoice. The MYOB line created has not job, account no, or value applied. It is a placeholder to store the text from the invoice / credit note text only.

  • In MYOB invoice comment field - The invoice / credit note text will be added to the 'Comment' field on the MYOB invoice. This is a drop down field in MYOB so it can be re-used on other invoices. However the downside of using this option is that the 'Comment' drop down list of text can get quite long.

If this box is unchecked then only the invoice lines with an invoice value are created in MYOB, and the invoice text is not sent to MYOB.

Tip: If the 'Invoice note' field is blank on the Synergy invoice, then the additional invoice line is not created in the MYOB invoice.

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