QBO Connect
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Use QBO Connect to transfer your Synergy data for invoices, credits, invoice payments, bills, and staff expenses to your QBO company database file.

What is QBO Connect?

Use the QBO Connect add-on to transfer your Synergy data to QBO AccountRight Live. The following Synergy items can be synced with QBO AccountRight Live:

  • Invoices

  • Credit notes

  • Invoice payments

  • Invoice contacts

  • Jobs

  • Bills

  • Staff expenses (cash and travel expenses)

  • Supplier contacts

Use the settings in Connect to customize how your invoices and expenses appear in QBO AccountRight Live, and control which accounts and bank accounts the data is linked to after connect has transferred the data.

Why use QBO Connect?

Use Connect to sync your Synergy data for invoices and expenses to QBO. This avoids you having to enter the same information in both systems.

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