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Availability in Synergy HR
Availability in Synergy HR
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Synergy HR allows your staff to track and manage their leave and availability on one screen.

Once lodged, staff availabilities are reflected on the resourcing boards to help Project managers with their planning. Staff unavailable periods are shown as a purple block on the resourcing board. Simply select “Add” to create an absence period and select from a range of categories.

You can read more about the Leave potion of availability here: Leave in Synergy HR

This article will cover:

Will I have access to the available feature without purchasing Synergy HR?

Enterprise customers will have limited access to the Availability feature without subscribing to the Synergy HR add-on. Enterprise customers will not be able to accrue leave and see their leave balance unless they subscribe to the Synergy HR add-on. We recommend Enterprise customers subscribe to the Synergy HR add-on to experience the complete HR experience.

Business customers need to purchase the Synergy HR module in order to manage staff availabilities.

How do I view, add and modify my availability?

Users can select ‘My availability’ under their profile dropdown to view, add or modify their availability.

On the ‘My availability’ screen, you’re able to add in periods of absence by simply selecting ‘Add’. This will allow you to select from a range of categories including leave, professional development and administration.

All unavailability requests will require approval. Track your approvals with the ‘status’ column on the ‘My availability’ screen.

Tip: If you are viewing the ‘My availability’ page on a smaller laptop screen, you might not be able to view the entire table. In this case, scroll horizontally to see the hidden columns.

How can I turn off availability approvals?

Synergy HR gives you the flexibility of managing your availability approvals by allowing an option to disable availability approvals. Simply navigate to the Organisation configuration page by selecting Settings > Organisation > Configuration and scroll down to ‘Availability approvals’.

Can I modify availabilities on behalf of other employees?

Synergy HR allows Directors and System administrators to request absences on behalf of other staff. Simply navigate to the staff profile page, then select the individual you wish to apply for leave of absence.

Once you are on the individual’s profile, select the Employee drop-down then navigate to Synergy HR then Availability.

How do I manage availability types and categories?

Availability ‘types’ can be modified within the ‘Internal stages and tasks’ Settings page. To navigate to this page, navigate to Settings > Timesheets > Internal project stages.

You can then use this screen to add, modify and deactivate availability types and details to customise your availability options.

How can I change the read, write and edit permissions for Availability?

Simply navigate to the Organisation navigation drop down > Settings > Organisation > Security Matrix to edit permissions for the Availability feature.

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