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Everything you need to know about leave in Synergy HR

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Edition: *Professional, *Business, *Enterprise

User-level: user and above

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*Requires the Synergy HR add-on

With Synergy HR you can request leave, accept or deny leave requests and adjust leave balances to make managing leave in your organisation a simple and seamless process.

How do I request leave?

Navigate to ‘My availability’ underneath your profile picture at the top right of the screen, then select ‘Add’.

Select the leave type within the right-hand panel and enter the desired leave dates.

Synergy HR will calculate your leave balance in real-time and will give you an indicator if your balance is less than your leave request. Once you're happy with the entry, you can click Save to finalise it.

All leave requests will be pending approval once submitted, unless approvals are turned off at the organisation level.

Where can I approve or decline leave requests?

Unavailability requests including leave can be approved or declined in the Team Availability screen. Select the Organisation menu > Availability > Register
From this screen you can search for a staff member and view the status of any request in the table. You can click the 'approve' button on the right to quickly approve a request.

Hover on a table entry to see applicable actions to approve the request. Selecting the Planner button will take you to the Resource planning board, where you can assess the impact of the requested absence.

To decline or cancel a request you can click the ellipses on the right hand side:

Requests that are accepted will automatically be added as an entry in that staff member's timesheet.

How do I create a leave adjustment?

Leave adjustments can be manually created in the Team Availability Register. Simply navigate to the Organisation > Availability.

Select the ‘Add’ then ‘Add adjustment’ to begin the manual adjustment process. This will open a panel on the right side where you can enter the balance for a certain staff or group of staff.

Once the adjustment details are completed, click save to close the panel. This adjustment will then become visible in the Team Availability Register.

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