Setting up your staff rates

Setting up staff rates, updating and adding new staff rates, summary and rate history.

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Staff rates allow you to assign a charge-out value for different roles in your organization (e.g. Architect, Director, Associate etc).

Update your staff rates in-line with industry standard rates, increasing salary costs and other factors such as changing business costs and inflation.

What is a staff rate?

A staff rate is a charge-out value ($) assigned to staff to use when entering timesheets. The charge out value equals how much an hour of billable time could be invoiced for (if a stage is set as hourly rate).

These values are used when billing hours on project invoices. Create a staff rate for each job role or position in the business.

Add a new staff rate

  1. Go to: Settings > Financial > Rates

  2. Click 'Add' and select 'Staff'

  3. Type in the name of the rate in Name

  4. Enter a Charge value

  5. Select which Rate groups the rate should be added to (e.g. Cardiff Office)

  6. Save

Update a staff rate

Staff rates can be updated after creation.

  1. To update the charge value open the rate that needs to be edited and go to select 'Update rate':

  2. Enter a new charge out value

  3. Set the New effective from date. This allows you to set when the new rate will come into effect from:

This allows you to add in a rate in advance to a future rate increase, for example you can preset an increase to a rate to come into effect from 01 January next year by selecting the future date (e.g. 01/01/23).

Tip: the New effective date cannot be set any earlier than the last effective date previously selected the last time the rate was updated.

Staff rate summary and rate history

After a rate has been created, you will be able to view previous modifications to this rate including:

  1. Staff rate summary - shows which staff have previously been assigned this rate.

  2. Rate history - shows previous changes made to the charge value.

Tip: Staff can be assigned a primary and additional selected rates as required in their staff record.

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