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Everything you need to know about the timesheet leaderboard

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Use the timesheet leaderboard to see how you rank against other staff in your organisation for entering your timesheets on time.

How to view your ranking on the timesheet leaderboard

  1. Open timesheets

  2. Click on the alert 'Leaderboard position' found in the stats bar.

  3. The timesheet leaderboard report is shown, displaying your ranking against the other staff members in your organisation.

How your position is calculated.

The timesheet leaderboard considers the six factors below.

  1. The ranking checks if the timesheet was entered 'on the same date' as the date of the transaction. Entering on the same date as the transaction will result in a higher score. (Entering timesheets early won't boost your score!)

  2. Whether the required number of hours per work day have been entered.

    • The required number of hours per day are set up in the staff record using the staff calendar.

  3. Late and incomplete timesheets will result in penalties.

    • Incomplete timesheets are timesheets that do not have the total number of hours per day as set up in the staff calendar against them.

  4. Overtime is not included and any additional hours entered are ignored by the calculation.

  5. If the staff manager 'skips' the timesheet and marks it as missing, a penalty for that day/week is still applied to the calculation.

  6. The leaderboard considers all timesheet entries from the past 28 days.

What formula is used to calculate your position?

The leaderboard is calculated by penalty, the person with the least penalty points will be at the top

the penalty is the sum of the following:

  • 0 penalty if the capacity for the day was 0, i.e if staff has 0 value in their staff calendar

  • fractional penalty. formula is: (missing hours / capacity) * days late

  • late penalty. formula is: missing hours * 10% * days late

How often does the timesheet leaderboard update?

The leaderboard page is updated almost immediately after timesheets are added.

However your leaderboard position will not immediately update in the stats bar, this will take one hour to sync.


Jill works 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday.

She has created a timesheet entry for Wednesday 24th August for 8 hours.

If she 'created' the timesheet entry on 24th August, she will get a higher ranking than if she entered the timesheet the following week on 31st August.

If Jill had entered less than the required '8 hours' for her working day, then a ranking penalty would have been applied.

Now you know how the calculations work, you can track your position on the timesheet leaderboard!

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