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Timesheet approvals overview

Timesheet approvals overview

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User-level: System Administrator

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Timesheet approvals will assist you in keeping track of the time and expenses that your staff enter against projects. It also gives you the ability to ensure that everything is correct when it is entered, this ensures everything is correct when it comes to invoicing.

Enable Timesheet approvals

Go to Organisation > Settings > Timesheets > Timesheet Approvals

Decide what type of transaction you would like to be approved. There is an option for time and expenses and a checkbox for just approving expenses.

Select 'Save' in the top right-hand corner to save any changes made.

Enable Timesheet auto-approvals

From the timesheet approvals screen, you can also turn on auto-approvals. This will automatically approve timesheets that meet your set criteria.

To turn on auto-approvals, click the auto-approval toggle and check the boxes next to any criteria you would like your staffs timesheets to meet before they can be automatically approved.

Submitting Timesheets

Once the approvals have been turned on staff will be able to enter their time and expenses and 'submit' them for approval in the timesheets section of synergy. This button is located in the top and bottom right hand side of the timesheet screen.

Who can approve timesheets?

When a staff member has submitted their time and expenses to be approved it will go to their 'Reports to' in Synergy, this can be edited in the staff details screen. Staff with System Administrator access will also be able to approve timesheet

How to view and approve outstanding timesheet approvals.

  • Reporting managers and System Administrators can see any outstanding timesheet approvals by clicking in the staff selector icon and seeing a blue dot next to the staff name.

  • Alternatively, managers can go into the timesheet > timesheet menu > summary and open up their 'Direct reports'.

A manager can only bulk approve timesheets at the project level from the Transactions page (Project menu > Financials > Transactions).

  1. Select all the transactions you want to bulk approve.

  2. Click on the bulk menu drop-down.

  3. Select Approve.

Rejecting timesheets and the timesheet chat

If a manager has rejected the entries, the timesheet chat function can be used to send a message to the staff member. Staff will receive a notification, and the reason for the rejection can be discussed and the change actioned.

The staff member can then re-enter/modify and re-submit the entries so the manager will approve them.

Report on unapproved timesheets

Use the 'Missing timesheets' reports to see all unapproved time per project or staff member. It can be used before an invoicing run to confirm there's no time outstanding that will need to be included on an invoice.

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