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How to edit a Team's description and Name
How to edit a Team's description and Name

Edit team description, Edit team name

Updated over a week ago

Edition: Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

Previous steps: Staff Teams - Overview

Edit the name of your Staff Teams in Synergy in order to differentiate between them and understand who is responsible for what. For example, if you have Office based teams, Resource based teams, or teams that work on specific project types then you can add this to the description and name appropriately. This also helps to repurpose a team that is no longer being used.

  1. Organisation drop down menu > Settings > Organisation > Teams.

  2. Click on the ellipses to the right hand side of the team and select Edit.

  3. Edit the Name, and or Description on this page.

  4. Save and close.

You can do this as much as you need to to ensure you're using the right naming and description that works for you.

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