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Everything you need to know about the Synergy CRM Add-on

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

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The Synergy CRM Add-on provides users with an opportunity pipeline in the form of a customisable Kanban board to track opportunities from Lead to Won, log tasks including calls and meetings against contact records, and reveals in-depth account statistics about opportunity win rates, monetary value, and so much more.

Access to the CRM can be controlled in the Security Matrix.

Opportunity List

When the Synergy CRM add-on is enabled, a new Organisation menu option will be available titled Synergy CRM:

All opportunities in the CRM are presented in a list view, and can be filtered by fields including Project Manager, Account Manager, Office and Discipline. Opportunities can also be filtered by entering Opportunity Name, Number, or Client Name in the search field:

Kanban Board

By selecting Kanban View in the CRM, opportunities will be displayed in a Kanban Board, as pictured below:

Opportunities can be dragged and dropped into different statuses in the pipeline. These statuses can be customised in the Statuses page (navigate to Organisation > Settings > Project List > Statuses and add, remove or update statuses within the Proposal group).

Beneath each status is the weighted and unweighted value of all opportunities within them. There's also a Target that can be set by selecting the target value in the 'Won' column and entering a value:

The target set in the 'Won' column will update targets in other columns to display a weighted target based on the likelihood of winning an opportunity, which is linked to each status.

For example, if the 'Won' target is $100,000 as pictured above, the target for a status with a 10% likelihood becomes $1,000,000.

Creating an Opportunity

To create a new opportunity from the Synergy CRM page, select Add opportunity in the top-right corner of the page:

This will open a sidebar menu, in which you can add opportunity details, including start and end dates, project manager, value, and status:

Once all opportunity details have been entered in the menu, select the arrow above the opportunity name to save it. The opportunity will then appear in the List and Kanban board, as well as in the main Projects page.

Opportunity Management

Selecting an opportunity from the List View or Kanban View will direct users to the opportunity's CRM page:

From this page, users are provided with an overview of opportunity details, Account Statistics for the client, as well as an Activity Log and To-Dos.

The Activity Log is used to log any calls, meetings, emails or notes associated with the opportunity.

The To-do section is used to create and assign any actionable tasks associated with the opportunity.

Account Statistics will display client information including the total number of jobs linked to the client record and their total value, win rate, and more:

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