Bulk approve timesheets

How do I bulk approve timesheets?

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project manager, Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

When you are needing to approve large quantities of timesheets/transactions you are able to complete this from the transactions screen. You can view all transactions pending approval at a project level in the transactions screen and filter by stage and date range to ensure you approve the correct transactions.

A manager can only bulk approve timesheets at the project level from the Transactions page (Project menu > Financials > Transactions).

  1. Change the drop-down in the top left to 'WIP'

  2. Open the filters (magnifying glass) and change All WIP to 'unapproved WIP'

  3. Select (tick) all the transactions you want to bulk approve.

  4. Click on the bulk menu drop-down and select 'Approve'.

Bulk approving timesheets at a project level helps to make approvals faster and less administrative.

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