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Email connections - Custom email domains
Email connections - Custom email domains

custom email domains in synergy

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Product Edition: Business, Enterprise

User level: Director and above

Previous steps: Staff set up and email set up

To establish your custom email domain with Synergy, a configuration process is required to be undertaken between Synergy and your company’s domain DNS records. To do this you will need to go to ‘Domain setup’ on the email connections page.

You can access this under Organisation > Email connections.

Note: This will require some technical knowledge of DNS setting and domain configuration. We recommend contacting either your IT admin or domain provider for support on the initial setup and before editing your DNS records.

The steps required in the domain set up process are:

  1. Enter your domain - This is the domain you would like to send emails from Synergy with.

  2. Configure DNS settings - there is information provided here, however, if you're unsure how to find your DNS settings, type 'DNS into your domain provider's search or contact your domain provider directly.

  3. Update your DNS Records - Copy and paste the DNS records provided by Synergy into your domain’s DNS records (this can vary slightly per Domain provider. If you are unsure, send a copy of the records from synergy to your domain provider to receive further guidance).

  4. Verify your DNS records - Here we will check your DNS records are entered correctly, you will see a status message next to each record.

    If they are not entered correctly the message below will appear.

    Note: 'escaped' and 'unescaped' there are two versions of the same record depending on your domain provider, one of the two versions should be valid.

  5. Email validation - We will send an email to your inbox to validate your domain, this email will need to be validated to proceed with the setup.

  6. Enable the connection - Enable or Disable the connection with Custom Email Domain

    1. Enabled - Synergy will send emails from your custom email domain.

    2. Disabled - Synergy will no longer send emails from your custom email domain.

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