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Email connections - Default email
Email connections - Default email

Default email set up from custom email domains

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Product Edition: Enterprise only

User level: Director and above

Previous steps: Staff set up and email set up

This article will detail how to set up the default email option for custom email domains. By default, emails sent from Synergy (including invoices, Purchase Orders, Documents, and Portal Invitations) will be sent using the individual user’s email address (e.g., You can access this under Organisation > Email connections.


Before setting up this functionality, you will need to make sure of the following:

If you have set up your synergy account with an email that differs from the org domain, eg. rather than then it won't send from the custom domain and will continue to send from synergy as before.

You will need to update staff profile emails to also contain their email address for it to work.


Set up

  1. You can configure a custom default email address for accounting related emails from Email Connections/Accounting. ‘Accounting’ email defaults can be set for all offices (e.g., or per office (e.g., and will begin to function once a default email has been set up and verified.

  2. If left blank, emails will be sent from the individual users email for that office (e.g.,

  3. Once the custom emails are entered, an email verification will be sent to the email inbox. (The verification email can be re-sent if required.)

  4. A verification status will show next to each default email.

    Pending email verification - Email has not been verified

    Email has been verified - On verification of the email address, accounting related emails for the office will be sent from that default email address.

  5. To set up all offices to send from one default email (e.g. enter the same email address in each per office default email field.

Once your Custom Email domain is set up and enabled, your Invoices, Purchase Orders, Documents, and Portal Invitations will be sent from Synergy with the individual user’s email address (e.g.,

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