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Unearned Income
How do I use the unearned income feature?
How do I use the unearned income feature?

Enabling Unearned Income

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Edition: Enterprise

User-level: System Admin

Previous steps: N/A

This is an advanced feature and should only be done in consultation with a Synergy consultant.

We designed this as a multi-step process, to ensure clients do not accidentally make this change which cannot be undone.

  1. Enable the unearned income feature from Organisation menu> Settings > Organisation > Configuration by ticking the checkbox.

  2. Click OK to proceed. Clicking out of the dialog will cancel the request. Clicking cancel will also cancel the request.

  3. Scroll to the top of the Configuration page and save the changes.

  4. Once you have updated your complete % of all your relevant stages, return to the configuration page. Scroll back down to the unearned income setting. You can preview a report of your unearned income by clicking on the ‘here’ link. Use this report to identify any stages with incorrect status progress entries. Alternately you can run this report from the report engine – Unearned income – by primary contact.

  5. Choose your opening balance transaction date. Click generate to create an opening balance transaction. The opening balance transaction date is the date from when you want to start. See What is the opening balance. All fixed fee, or percent of contract stages that are not complete, unsuccessful or in proposal must have values otherwise, your reports will show inconsistencies.

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