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How to import contacts from QBO into Synergy

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Active contacts in QBO can be imported into Synergy using the QBO contact import. All 'customer' type contacts are selected to be imported, and 'supplier' type contacts are skipped by default. The 'select all' option can be used to include the supplier contacts in the import.

Contacts with a designation of 'company' in QBO will be imported into Synergy as company contacts. Contacts with a designation of 'individual' in QBO will be imported into Synergy as individual contacts. Individual contacts linked to a company contact in QBO will be imported as personnel of that company.

All imported contacts have a tag with the import date added to them to distinguish them from contacts that have been added manually.

Any contacts that were unable to be imported are listed in an Excel file that can be downloaded from the Audit tab of the contact import.

Once a contact has been imported any further updates to that contact should be completed in Synergy as the import can't be used to update existing contacts.

Connect to QBO

Go to Settings > Organisation > Data imports > QBO contact import

Click Connect to QuickBooks and enter your QBO credentials to authenticate to your QBO company file

Select the company file from the drop-down list on the left. Contacts will be imported from this file.

Enter the username and password for the company file in the right-hand panel, and click the Login button

Preview the contacts

QBO customer and personnel contacts are marked as 'Ready to import'. QBO supplier contacts are marked as 'Skipped' from the import. Any contacts that can't be imported are shown in the Errors section.

Review the contacts in the 'Ready to import' grouping and:

  • Check the box for any of the 'Supplier' contacts you want to import

  • (Optional) Search for the name of a contact you want to import by typing a keyword into the search box and then pressing the enter key

  • Click the 'Select all' button in the top left to import all existing customer and supplier records from QBO

Review the contacts listed in the Errors grouping and click the red error symbol to view the error details. Resolve the errors if necessary, or ignore the errors and continue to import the rest of the contacts.

Import the contacts

Click the 'Import' button to import all the selected contacts from QBO.

The 'Importing contacts' message is displayed while the contacts are being imported. No further imports can be performed until this process has completed.

After the import has been completed, the page refreshes to display the results. Successfully imported contacts will display with an Imported tag. This tag also displays the date the contact was imported into Synergy
Click the Download the skipped contacts text to download an Excel spreadsheet of skipped contact and contacts with errors.

Audit tab

The audit tab provided an overview of your contact import progress so you can view details of each import and download the Excel spreadsheets of skipped records from each import session,

Use the contacts import to select and import your current contacts from QBO into Synergy.

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