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Skills and qualifications in Synergy HR
Skills and qualifications in Synergy HR

Everything you need to know about skills and qualifications in Synergy HR

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Edition: *Professional, *Business, *Enterprise

User-level: User*, Assistant project manager*, Project manager*, Director, System Administrator

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*Requires the Synergy HR add-on
*Only Directors and System Administrators can add and edit skills and qualifications

Synergy HR allows you to keep track of your employee's skills and qualifications to help you allocate the right resource for the next job.

What's the difference between a skill and a qualification?

A skill can be described as an expert in a particular field. It can be a learned ability through education or frankly, just on the job. A qualification is more formal - commonly achieved through the completion of a course. Qualifications are important to track because of legal or occupational obligations.

For example, Jenny the mechanical engineer on your project, might list duct sizing or fan selection as a skill but add her bachelor's degree as a qualification in Synergy HR.

Where can I find my skills and qualifications?

Skills and qualifications can be found within the Staff menu in Synergy once you have purchased the Synergy HR add-on.

Simply navigate to your employee staff details page > select employee drop down > Synergy HR > Skills and qualifications.

Who can add skills and qualifications?

If you are a User, Assistant PM, or PM, you can only view your own skills and qualifications. To add or edit your skills and qualifications, you will need to kindly ask your director or System Administrator to do so for you.

Directors and System Administrators can view, manage and edit skills and qualifications for all employees.

How can I add skills and qualifications?

To add a qualification, select the ‘add qualification’ button on the Skills and Qualifications screen then fill in the following details:

- Name

- Authority (optional)

- Reference (optional)

- Expiry

- Upload certificate (optional)

In the case that your qualification does not have an expiry date, please turn the “doesn’t expire” toggle ON.

To add skills, select “+ Skill” and type in the skill. We’ve added in auto-fill to help you standardize attributes.

Where are my qualification documents saved?

You can find your certificates saved in your Temporary files. Simply navigate to the HR folder and select the ‘Certificates’ subfolder.

*If you wish to upload qualification certificates or documents, you must have a ‘Certificates’ subfolder created within your HR folder otherwise the system will not allow you to attach any certificates when adding a qualification.

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