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Can I delete a document template?

How to delete a document template. Delete document template.

Updated over a week ago

Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant administrator, System administrator

Once a Document template has been used at least once, you can not delete the template itself, however you can prevent it from being used in the future.

Any document templates you don't want to use can be set as 'Draft', they will then no longer appear in dropdown lists and will not be able to be applied to invoices, proposals and more.

To set your document templates as 'Draft' follow the steps below:

  1. Organisation drop down > Settings > Templates > Documents

  2. Select the pencil in the top right hand corner of the document template you would like to put into Draft status

  3. In the 'Edit template' screen change the status from 'Published' to 'Draft'

  4. Select save in the top right hand corner

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