Utilising default templates

How default templates work in Synergy.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director and above

You are able to set a default template for each template type in Synergy. Default templates should reflect which template your business will use the most. You can set a default template by going to Organisation drop down > Settings > Templates > Documents and selecting the checkbox in the edit page of the template.

What are default templates?

  • A default template is a set template that will auto populate when you create a new document in Synergy.

  • A default template should be the most used template for a specific document layout and include all the necessary data points to your business requirements.

  • A default template, makes generating documents simpler as it's already chosen for you.

NOTE: Any working template can be selected when generating a document instead of the default from the dropdown list.

How many default templates can you have?

You are able to have ONE default template per category of document templates. The categories are as follows:

  • Contact

  • Invoice

  • Project

  • Staff

  • Proposal

  • Credit

  • Project Letter

  • Contact Letter

  • Transmittal

  • Purchase Order

Changing the default template?

You are able to change the default template for any category at anytime. You can set a default template by following the steps here: Setting a default document template.

If you have selected a different template to the default one on any document then a new default will be created for that project. The next time you create a document it will populate with the last template that was selected.

Professional vs. Business & Enterprise


Professional users will need to select a new default each time directly in the templates screen if they are wanting to change a document layout. This is due to the switch layout function not being available in the Professional Edition.

Business & Enterprise

Business and Enterprise users can simply follow the steps linked in 'previous steps' above to change default templates and document layouts.

Default templates can work for your business in a variety of ways and after spending time setting up your document template, will make it easier to produce the documents you need.

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