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Synergy Release - 11 December 2022
Synergy Release - 11 December 2022

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We’ve been working on further enhancements to Synergy’s financial workflows, following the release of Purchase Orders earlier this year.

Here’s a look at what’s new this month:

Payment Applications

Synergy now offers you the ability to generate a Payment Application document from a draft invoice, which you can send to your clients to align on details before sending a final invoice.
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We’ve implemented a variety of fixes to help improve the way Synergy works.
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Generating Payment Applications to send to Clients

Generating a Payment Application is a common and often necessary part of managing a financially successful project. Synergy now offers you the ability to generate a dedicated Payment Application to send to your client as part of a more efficient and streamlined financial workflow.

From within a draft invoice, you’ll now be able to both assign a draft status, to indicate where you are in your process, and include an application number. Then, you can generate a Payment Application document.

This new functionality gives you an easier way to verify that your invoice details are accurate before sending a final invoice. For example, you may be progress billing and spreading your fees over the length of the project to reflect the percentage of work done. Sending a Payment Application from Synergy will allow you to confirm the payment details and align on the progress of your project with your client, to avoid any miscommunication and them potentially rejecting an invoice or delaying payments.

Once you have verified the details of your Payment Application, you can finalise your draft invoice and send it to your client.

You will be able to generate reports not only on the new Statuses, but also on when you last sent the Payment Application document to your client.

Learn more about Payment Applications here

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the invoice percentage wasn’t updating when the value was changed for the stage from an invoice.

  • Fixed as issue where sometimes running reports filtered by Internal projects was timing out.

  • Fixed an issue where the query limitations weren't showing when generating reports, so it was unclear as to why some reports and on-screen values were showing differently.

Download the Release Notes

For a complete list of technical changes download the Release Notes.

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