Limitations of templates

Limitations with document templates

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There are a wide variety of actions and features that are available in Document templates. However there are some limitations to bear in mind when creating them. Following the list below will give you the optimal results with your document templates and ensure that they work as intended when using them in Synergy.

Microsoft Word Required

Our document generator has been designed specifically to be used with Microsoft Word.
Other document editors (e.g. Pages, Google Docs etc) will not be compatible.

Table of Contents

Tables of contents can be useful in bookmarking and categorising information in a document. However, they are not functional within document templates when bookmarked and it's advised they are not included within Synergy document templates.

NOTE: Adding a Table of Contents into templates can cause information to disappear within your template due to the formatting when generating it in Synergy.

Image placement

You can add as many images into your template as you see fit. Logos, graphics and infographics may all be needed in your template at some stage and they can be included at any point in the word document however, they will not work in:

  • Tables that were generated from Synergy (ie. Fee details table, Transaction Table.)

  • Set to run down the margin of a page

For re-occurring images its suggested they are added to the header or footer of the document.

Microsoft Word fonts

Only Microsoft Word fonts are recommended for use within document templates. Although you are able to download and add custom fonts you will need to embed these into Microsoft Word and your document.

Note: Although you can embed a font, if you generate a PDF version of your document (ie. sending invoices through Synergy generates a PDF), the PDF generator will choose a default standard font, and you will lose your custom font.

Bookmarks Available

Synergy has a wide variety of bookmarks available in Document templates depending on the template type and what information is required. Whilst you can add as many bookmarks into your template as you see fit there are some limitations:

  • You cannot copy and paste bookmarks from different template types into your template.

  • You cannot copy and paste bookmarks from different cells in a Synergy generated table to another.

  • You cannot copy and paste bookmarks in your document itself. To move bookmarks you will need to cut and paste the full bookmark and add as many as you need from the template editor itself.

If you do any of the above have been done the information will not show in the spots where you have added those bookmarks.

Editing over Bookmarks

Once you have created and saved your document templates, you can use them in their designated areas. The documents are design to pull the most current data from the bookmarks data point into the document.

If you type over the data that is pulled from Synergy when downloading the document then you may find when its re-uploaded that the information has reverted back to the data that was originally pulled.

Keep these limitations in mind during your document template creation/editing, and you should run into very few issues that leave you scratching your head! :)

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