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Everything you need to know about notes and to-do's in HR

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With Synergy HR you have a dedicated place to store staff notes and assign staff to-dos.

Notes in HR

Notes in HR

With Synergy HR, you can add notes within an individual staff member's profile that are only visible to the Directors and System Administrators. This can be useful for performance reviews or sensitive information that doesn't need to be seen by everyone in the business. You can navigate to this area from the employee drop down menu > Synergy HR > Notes & todos:

Within the notes and to-dos area you can view all notes previously created for that staff member, modify, delete or add new notes. You can modify or delete notes by clicking on the pencil on the right-hand side of the notes:

You can add a new note by clicking 'Add' on the top right hand corner:

You can search for a previously created note by clicking the magnifying glass next to 'Add' (as pictured above).

When you are adding a new note, you can add a subject (optional), the note, and add tags (optional). You can tick whether the note is active and if you want to be notified if any changes are made and click 'Save' to save your note:

*Notes added within HR cannot be viewed within the overall notes page in Synergy. They can only be viewed by navigating to the Notes & to-dos area of the staff member.

To-dos in HR

You can add a to-do to a note in HR within an individual staff member's profile. To-dos can be assigned to anyone in the company and therefore will be visible to everyone within the 'To-dos' tab in the Organisation drop down menu. *Be mindful of this when adding a to-do to a private note within the staff profile.

You can add a to-do to a note by clicking on the note > to-dos > add:

Within the To-dos tab you can also see your To-do list, check to-do's off, enter comments or delete to-dos.

When you add a to-do, you can enter a subject (required), a description (optional), a start and due date, a status and an assignee. You can also choose to notify certain staff members about this to-do and add tags (optional):

Now you can go ahead and start adding notes and to-dos for your staff!

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