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Synergy Analytics Plus Business Dashboards

Breakdown of what's included within the set of Business Dashboards.

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Edition: Professional*, Business*, Enterprise*

User-level: Director, System Administrator (by default in security matrix)

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*With the Synergy Analytics Plus add-on enabled.

There are five distinct Business Dashboards available as part of your Synergy Analytics Plus Add-On. They demonstrate your business insights, show your revenue, and break down your Work in Progress (WIP).

Each dashboard displays a variety of graphs, charts, and tables, and is interactive with the ability to apply multiple filters to customise the data you’re analysing. You can learn more about how to read and use the functionality included in your dashboards in our article: Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy.

Choose from the menu below to find detailed information on each dashboard

Business Overview Dashboard

The Business overview dashboard provides high level insights into your Invoiced Revenue or Total Charges on a month-to-month basis, and your WIP recovery.

The 'Total Charge by Transaction Date & Invoiced Revenue by Invoice Date' graph plots the charge value of transactions for a given month against the total invoiced revenue for that month

The 'WIP breakdown & Recovery (Invoice Value/Total Charge) by transaction date' graph shows you your recovery %, segmented by the transaction status (e.g. WIP or written off), with a trend line for your recovery %

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard inspects the Total Charge by Transaction Date and Invoiced Revenue even closer.

This page will show not only a larger view of the Total Charge, but also show you Total Charge and Invoiced Revenue broken down by segments (like office, cost centre, or discipline).

This enables a more granular focus on where invoice vs charge disparities may lie, and enhances analytical capabilities for the chosen period or segment.

WIP Recovery Dashboard

The WIP recovery dashboard is a closer inspection of WIP recovery (surprise!).

This page will show a large graph for Total Charge and Recovery %, but also show your recovery % organised into segments, like office, cost centre or discipline.

Seeing your mark up across the segments in a monthly or cumulative fashion enables a more focused view on WIP behaviour in the time period you define.

Revenue Analysis Dashboard

The Revenue Analysis dashboard will display where your revenue is coming from, and present your revenue broken down in a number of specific ways.

Use the 'Organise by' filter to determine how you want to slice the revenue information - Project Type, Office, Cost Centre, Discipline or Project size!

Profitability Dashboard

The big one!

The profitability dashboard will show you the profitability % of your completed projects.

Only completed projects will be shown on this page, and they are organised by Project End Date.

This is a highly interactive page, that will display Projects that fit the displayed criteria. You can interact with the bar graphs themselves, so clicking on an Office in the top left widget, will only show data in the other widgets that fit under that Office.

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