How do I export a report?

Exporting a report to PDF or Excel, for use outside of Synergy

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All users

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When creating and viewing reports in Synergy, you may want to be able to view and use those reports outside of Synergy. This is where you would want to export them.

Synergy offers two different export options; PDF (.pdf), and Excel (.xlsx).

To export a report:

  1. Go to the reports list and click Run.

  2. After the report has run, and you see the results, go to the top right of the screen.

    1. To export the report as a PDF, click the printer icon:

    2. To export the report as an Excel spreadsheet, click the grid icon:

  3. The progress bar will appear:

  4. Once this has been processed, a system save dialogue box will appear, asking you where on your computer to save the exported report. Navigate to your desired folder and click Save.


  • Once the file has been generated, the file is also saved in your staff temporary files. This can be accessed by going to your Profile menu > My Documents > Temporary files:

  • To make sure the save document dialogue box shows up when the file has finished generating, make sure that pop-ups are always allowed for in your browser.

  • Both the PDF and Excel exports will automatically expand all groups on the report, making all rows visible.

    • If you only want to see the groups on the exported report, you can use the Hide Rows option to keep the rows hidden:

  • The PDF report has space for 13 columns. If there are more than 13 columns in your report, the rest will be shown on a separate line.

  • The filters used in the report will be visible at the bottom of the PDF report:

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