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Exporting contact details to Excel
Exporting contact details to Excel
Updated over a week ago

Use this option to send the details for the open contact record into an Excel file. This imports the single open record only. If you need to export multiple records to Excel then try using a Synergy report.

The export to Excel for contact details was added for GDPR EU regulations, to allow you to export the personal details stored against any contact type to Excel to provide to that person on their request. Read more in the Synergy GDPR guide.

Export contact data to Excel by:

  1. Open the contacts list.

  2. Click a contact row in the list to open the record.

  3. Click the page action button > Select 'Export contact to excel' option.

  4. An Excel file is created and downloaded to your computer. This includes all the details for the open contact record.

  5. If you require additional records in Excel, then open those contacts and repeat the export step above.

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