How to merge Contacts in Synergy

Merging Company Contacts

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Contact data can be created from multiple sources and actions, and Synergy gives you the ability to merge duplicate data together.

This article explains how to merge duplicate companies together, and how the merging of data works. This is a permanent action, and data should always be reviewed before merging.

How to merge company contacts

When merging companies together, most information will be associated to 1 company and the other will be archived.

To merge a contact:

  1. Go to the contact page of one of the companies you want to merge, and use the ellipses menu to select 'Merge contacts'

  2. The merge contacts wizard will appear, showing the company you have selected in the left modal. Select the other company you want to include in the large by searching in the right modal, and selecting it.

  3. Use 'Keep this contact' to choose the contact you want to retain, and the other contact will be merged into it.

This action can not be undone - once two contacts are merged, this is permanent.

You can also access the merge contacts feature from the ellipses menu on the main contacts page!

Company and associated data merge

By default, Contact Details from the selected company will be used. If the selected company details are empty, those fields will be populated from the company being archived.

Company details include:

  • Name

  • Website

  • Primary email

  • Secondary emails

  • Status

  • Unique ID

  • ABN

  • ACN

  • Phone numbers

  • Social links

  • Addresses

    • Street

    • Postal

    • Billing

    • Other

  • Account Manager

  • Tags

  • Roles

  • Custom fields

Associated Data

All these will be merged to the single company:

  • Invoices

  • Credits

  • Bills

  • Documents & folders

  • Project contacts

  • Bills & notes

  • Transactions

  • CRM Data

  • Portal Data

  • Purchase orders

Merging can affect your connections to accounting packages (because a single contact unique ID is retained) - always review these connections and your synced contacts after a merge has been completed.

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