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How to contact us, how Support works, and who you're talking to on the other end of the screen.

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Synergy Support

Are you an existing Synergy user and running into a problem, having a difficult time understanding something is working, or wondering how things are calculated? Our support team is here to help!

Read below for more information about Synergy support, how to reach us, and what we can help with.

How to get in touch with us

You can reach support by:

  1. Clicking the Support Widget in the bottom right hand corner of any screen within Synergy.

  2. Or alternatively, by clicking the "Get help" button from the footer of any page within Synergy.

You can use the widget to search our Knowledge Base for existing articles or submit a direct support request to one of the team. You'll first be served by Blue, so make sure your initial message is a clear question rather than a screenshot - this helps get a quicker response and even if Blue can't help, it'll help the team member who your chat is assigned to. There's more information about Blue at the end of this article.

Searching the Knowledge Base:

You can either go to for the full-page view of our Knowledge Base, or from the Widget you can click Help, then search your question.

Starting a Chat

From the Support Widget:

  1. Click the "Messages" icon

  2. Then "Send us a message".

  3. Select which type of conversation you'd like to start, such as "Ask a question".

  4. Follow the prompts here, and ask away! Remember to form your first message as a question, with as much information about what you're trying to achieve as possible.

What we can help with

We’re here to help you work out if something is working as it should, answer any questions you have about the platform, and ensure you’re supported in your Synergy journey. If you have general enquiries about Synergy, need assistance with a feature, or have a problem using a particular function or module, we’re here to help!

What we can't help with

  • Third party app configurations.

    • We can't help you configure third-party software (such as PowerBI, Xero, MYOB etc); while we have features that connect with some third-party software, we will only be able to help with the Synergy aspect of the connection.

  • Overall training on using Synergy.

    • We have a dedicated team that can offer training sessions if this is something you're after. The Support Team are more than happy to answer your questions and help you navigate at a basic level, but if you're new to Synergy your best starting point would be talking with one of our Consultants. You can also peruse Knowledge Base. If you get stuck, please reach out to us; this also helps us know what knowledge is missing and how to improve our articles.

  • Document Templates and Reports.

    • We can guide you through how to create a template or a specific report, but we can't make them for you. This is an additional service that Total Synergy can provide for you though; we can put you in touch with the right people to get you started!

Meet our amazing Team!

Behind the chat box and screen, there's some incredibly kind, patient, wonderful humans that are here to help. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know them - the individuals that make Synergy's support so great.

Anne 🦄

Senior Customer Support Specialist
There's no doubt you've spoken with Anne! She's been through just about every role there is at Total Synergy and we're incredibly grateful to have her in support. Mostly offering support for users that are or have transitioned from the V4 desktop product, Anne is an absolute guru of all things Synergy.

  • Anne's been here since:
    October 2012

  • Outside of Total Synergy I like to:
    Sing acapella in a barbershop harmony ensemble (Circular Keys Chorus) and quartet (Kephi) I love reading both fiction and non-fiction books when I can, going for walks with our border collie, and occasionally dabbling in a few art projects. Love a good documentary music or history documentary as well.

  • A song or meme that represents me:
    Well, it is The Doctor

  • While I’m working, I listen to:
    Usually nothing - I get distracted by singing along or trying to work out the harmonies.

  • I would walk over hot coals for:
    My family and my fur babies.

  • My Synergy superpower is:
    Connect – I used MYOB for many years in a previous life and it’s still haunting me now.

  • My non-Synergy super power is:
    I am the Christmas cake queen in my family. My grandmothers were the bakers in the family so it’s skipped a generation and now I’m it!

Amber 🐱‍🐉

Customer Support Specialist
You'll know Amber if you're in our EMEA region, or if you're in Australia contacting us after 5:30 PM AEST. Amber is our little legend in the UK providing outstanding support. You'll now also experience her excellence if you're new to Synergy, as she's transitioning into a Consultant/Training role.

  • Amber's been here since:
    August 2021

  • Outside of Total Synergy I like to:
    Read (at the moment I'm enjoying a little summertime rom-com but I also love sci-fi), watch dead loads of telly and go the pub.

  • A song or meme that represents me:

  • While I’m working, I listen to:
    Usually one song on repeat until I can't bare to hear it ever again. At the moment its Private Idaho - B-52's

  • I would walk over hot coals for:
    My cat (Amber Junior)

  • My Synergy super power is: Document templates!

  • My non-Synergy super power is: I love to cook! I make delicious veggie food (faves include veggie curries).

Ben 🌯

Customer Support Specialist
If you've spoken with Ben, there's no doubt you got the ultimate support experience with a well thought out, instructed and informative response. You may also be familiar with Ben for his amazing skills in Synergy Reporting! Ben is an Admin of the Community group "Reports Q&A", along with Naomi.

  • Ben's been here since:
    I've been at Synergy since August 2021.

  • Outside of Total Synergy I like to:
    I have a bunch of hobbies that I switch between. I've been playing music since I was 5, with bass guitar being my main instrument. I play video games with friends. I like to cycle. I do various art things (drawing, digital, photography, 3D modelling). I seem to collect hobbies. The hardest thing is picking which one to do!

  • A song or meme that represents me:
    Me when people ask about expressions in reporting:

  • While I’m working, I listen to:
    Death metal mostly. And some other things.

  • I would walk over hot coals for:
    A good bowl of ramen. Tonkotsu preferably.

  • My Synergy super power is:
    For some reason, reports.

  • My non-Synergy super power is:
    I can go anywhere I want in my mind.

Mell 🤗

Customer Support Team Lead

I'm writing this, so it feels weird. You'll see me from time-to-time as I pop in and help the team out with their conversations when they're on lunch, busy with another task, or away for the day; so that your support experience isn't interrupted. I'm usually hanging out and working in the background - helping in some way from afar.

  • Mell's been here since:

    August 2021

  • Outside of Total Synergy I like to:

    Cook delicious noms, play board games with friends (my collection is almost embarrassingly large), try my hand at all of the artsy hobbies I come across on Instagram - currently I'm teaching myself 3D modelling and animation, inspired by Ben and Youtube.

  • A song or meme that represents me:

    backing up homer simpson GIF (GIF Image)

    But also:

    Food Eating GIF (GIF Image)
  • While I’m working, I listen to:

    Whatever my husband is playing in the other room - typically show tunes or a mixture of dubsteppy, jazzy, random stuff.

    Or if there's a package, someone is rudely walking past the house, there's birds in the yard, or there's a random unfamiliar noise - it'll be the sound of my very well adjusted, well mannered and behaved pups borking.

  • I would walk over hot coals for:

    My furbabes Scruffknuckle and Chocolate Mousse(pic for affect), an amazing, super-stacko-layered lasagna and chocolate, dark or milk!

  • My Synergy super power is:

    Customer Service is and always will be my super power at my core, but at Total Synergy - I am the Team Leader of an amazing team of people, if a Super power was getting work with them every day - this would be it 😍

  • My non-Synergy super power is:

    Obsessively focusing on a hobby one second, and forgetting it exists the next. Don't ask to see my spare room, it could moonlight as an OfficeWorks store.

Naomi 🌟

Customer Solutions Engineer
Naomi has been in a variety of roles that have highlighted her amazing skills, so you may be familiar with her from either showing you SharePoint, or telling you how things will work when you on onboard to Synergy. These days you'll occasionally see Naomi in support, otherwise she'll be training our new Synergy users!

  • Naomi's been here since:

    April 2021, a month after Mariah Carey's 52nd anniversary (birthday)

  • Outside of Total Synergy I like to:

    Play games on my PC, usually in a support role, or listening to the audiobook of Mariah Carey's memoir 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey'

  • A song or meme that represents me:

  • While I’m working, I listen to:

    Mariah Carey's discography from her self-titled 1990 album 'Mariah Carey' to 2020's 'The Rarities', a compilation of unreleased songs spanning almost 20 years and live performances.

  • I would walk over hot coals for:

    Mariah Carey

  • My Synergy super power is:

    Reports and templates!

  • My non-Synergy super power is:

    My love of Mariah Carey's music.


Meet Blue!

Blue: Our Amazing Chat-Bot

Here at Total Synergy, we understand the importance of providing fast and accurate customer support. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to our chat-bot, Blue!

Blue is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, the leading natural language processing technology, and proprietary machine learning technology provided by our Support system software. This allows her to quickly find and refine a response from our Knowledge Base.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and our Knowledge Base. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! We are constantly making improvements to our Knowledge Base to ensure that you, our wonderful customer base have the best experience possible.

Don't think of Blue as another typical auto-reply Bot and ignore the responses she provides unless you find them to be completely wrong. Blue will provide summarised information from our Knowledge Base, and include the relevant source articles so you can click on it and view the detailed article including any screenshots and other media inside the article.

We're very excited by the quick and accurate support Blue has provided so far, and we hope you will be too. Think of Blue as the Total Synergy intern that's available to you 24/7.

Thanks for using Synergy!

If you have any other questions or thoughts about Synergy that you feel our support team can help with, don’t hesitate to reach out using the Support Widget. We look forward to hearing from you.

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