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Template Tables aren't displaying correctly
Template Tables aren't displaying correctly

Why isn't my template table working?

Updated over a week ago

Tables aren’t appearing correctly:

There are a few things to try if your tables don't populate correctly in your final document. A table may not appear correctly in a template for a few reasons.

  1. The table needs to be resaved

  2. A cell has been merged to the left when it includes information

  3. A bookmark is broken in the template

  4. A bookmark which doesn’t appear in the right-hand side list has been copied into that cell.

Re-saving your tables:

  1. Click on

  2. Click on the 'pencil button' next to the table

3. Re-save the table.

4. Re-save the select table page.

Merged cells with data:

If a cell has been merged to the left then you can unmerge it by clicking the arrow button in the editing tools.

Note: You will need to unmerge from right to left starting with the first merged cell.

If a bookmark is not appearing in your table:

  1. Double click into the cell and press ‘clear cell’ in the top right

  2. Save that cell.

3. Double click into the cell again and double click to select one of the bookmarks from the list on the right-hand side. Once you have double-clicked on the bookmark it will appear on the left in <>

4. Save the table.

Note: You can’t copy bookmarks from one cell to another as it will break the bookmark and the cell won't show.

Don’t forget to test your template with a project invoice to make sure everything is appearing correctly!

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