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Synergy release - 23 November 2020
Synergy release - 23 November 2020
Updated over a week ago

With the November release, we have taken some pressies early from the Synergy Santa sack. Kanban becomes ambidextrous with the ability to plan to-dos not only by state but also by start date – we love to spoil you with a choice. For those “anti-sliders” out there (yes we know who you are…) the teambuilder now lets you adjust hours for a period by the entry of total hours, hours per week or %utilisation - we even left the slider for those with the need to swipe left or right…


Kanban board

  • Our customers with lots 'to-do' will appreciate the search staff function when assigning a to-do. This list updates as you type, making the Kanban board all that more useful. Read more.

  • Filter to-dos by office

  • You can now view your Kanban board by date. Perfect when someone needs to do a to-do on a specific day. Read more.

  • Our visual friends will appreciate that the to-dos that are currently 'in review' in the Kanban board now show as yellow. Read more.

  • If you need your to-do to start on a particular day, use the new start date field. This makes it easy to plan your to-dos. Read more.

Team builder

  • While we may not all love numbers, they sure do take the guesswork out. If you want a resource to work on the projects for 15hrs a week for the duration of the stage. Go ahead and do that.

  • Added too many resources on a stage to see different team configurations? Start with a clean slate and clear all resourcing.


  • We have made some further improvements to the resourcing graph. You will now be able to see it in a weekly format.

  • We have also made sure that the revenue of any invoice stage is spread across the time and expenses held within the stage, and where possible the value of expenses is maintained. Read more.

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