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Synergy release - 17 October 2020
Synergy release - 17 October 2020
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As we’re gearing up to the festive season, we are super excited to give you a sneak peek at our new Kanban board. Think of Kanban as a gift that gives on giving. It helps with your collaboration across the team and helps with the visibility of projects at the task level. Also, in this release is a way to fine-tune your projects at the resource level. For our customers who use Sage, you guys are in for a special Synergy treat...



Building on to-dos from the last release, you can now track them on a Kanban board.

Whether at a team WIP or a one-on-one, use the Kanban page to track your to-dos at the organization, project, or team levels.

  • We know when you’re in a rush, you need things as easy as possible. Now, you can also search your to-dos in the Kanban board. Read more


Synergy Enterprise users can now create a team for your commercial jobs, a team for your residential jobs or a team for your company rock band. Read more

Team builder

Add, edit or remove resources from a stage using the team builder sidebar. Previously, this section was greyed out but now you can use it as you would from the planning board or project schedule. Did we say, we like making things easy for you? Read more


You can now sync your Sage account to Synergy. Download the installer and connect with Sage. Read more

Virtual Survey pro

Update your Synergy subscription to add augmented reality to your projects with Visual Survey Pro. Read more

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