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When to Credit, Write-off or Cancel and invoice
When to Credit, Write-off or Cancel and invoice
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Crediting an invoice in Synergy is to apply a discount. There may be instances where an invoice was previously raised and an agreement has been made to discount the invoice by either a dollar amount or by a percentage.

Crediting and cancelling an invoice in Synergy are two different functions!


A write-off is used in circumstances where payment for an invoice is not recoverable. The entire invoice amount will be reduced to $0 and no profits are recorded.


To cancel is essentially to void a finalised invoice. Sometimes an invoice is issued to a client with an error and needs to be reissued with corrections. Cancelling or voiding an invoice will return all attached transactions back to WIP and allow for re-invoicing.

An invoice number can be reused if required. Detailed steps can be found in our help article 'Cancel or void an invoice and reuse the invoice number'.

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