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Project contacts tab
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What is the project contacts tab?

List all the people that make up your project team on the contacts tab, to use these details for sending project emails or addressing project documents like proposals, project summary documents, invoices, and credit notes.

Use the 'role' to list out what type of job or work they will perform in your project team. This helps you to list out all the contacts you require for the project used as the local government or council, which the builder involved is, who is the architect, what engineers are required etc. Having a quick list of the contacts for the project helps your staff quickly find the details for who to call or email about a project query by checking the role.

Setup the internal project team list by adding your staff to the project contacts tab. This lets other staff know which people internally are involved with the project and what their role is in the project team.

Important project contact settings are:

  • Primary contact - the main person to contact about project. Normally the client, or the person that makes project decisions.

  • Invoice contact - who the project invoices should be addressed to in the 'attention to' fields and mailed to by default.

  • Care of (c/o) contact - a third party that the invoice should be emailed or posted to.

  • Project portal - chat with the project team (external contact and internal staff) about project tasks, and share the project documents with the selected project contacts in the Synergy project portal. Choose which contacts have full portal access , or which have restricted portal access .

Why use the project contacts tab?

A contact list of all the internal staff and external contacts that make up your project team.

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