MYOB tracking categories
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In MYOB, you can group together offices with tracking categories to help you identify revenue streams.

In Connect, use the settings tab to configure what type of Synergy data is mapped to each of the tracking categories in MYOB. Tracking categories are used in MYOB like labels you can assign to transactions.

Tracking category details can be sent from Synergy to MYOB for bills and invoices. A maximum of two tracking categories can be set up in MYOB, and the Connect settings area allows you to map different types of Synergy data to each of the tracking category options. If tracking categories are not enabled in MYOB then this panel in the settings area for Connect will be blank. Learn more in the MYOB help files about how to setup tracking categories:

Step 1: Select a record type.

Select a Synergy record type option, and each of the items available for that record type will be shown in the drop-down list to map against the MYOB tracking categories.

  1. Office - The mapping option looks at the office where the project invoice is transferred by Connect. Each of the staff in Synergy that are 'Project Manager' access level or higher are shown in the Synergy value drop down for mapping.

Step 2: Select the Synergy value.

Based on the record type selected the 'Synergy value' column is automatically populated. Select what Synergy data will be mapped to each of the MYOB tracking category options. If one item is left blank, then no data will be sent with the invoice / credit note to that MYOB tracking category option.

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