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Specific MYOB account - payment type mapping
Specific MYOB account - payment type mapping
Updated over a week ago

Map each of the payment types within Synergy to a bank account within MYOB. A different bank account can be chosen for each payment type used in Synergy, to allow you to send different types of revenue to different bank accounts in MYOB. These mapping options are shown only when payments are exported from Synergy to MYOB using the specific MYOB account option.

The Synergy payment types are setup in Organization > Settings > Project lists > Payment types. Each active payment type is shown in this panel. Assign a MYOB bank account to all the payment types shown in the list before running Connect.

This payment drop down list is generated by your MYOB database. The MYOB account column shows all accounts within MYOB Accounts > Accounts list feature, which are a asset account setup as the type 'bank' account.

Tip: Payment accounts are setup within MYOB using the MYOB Accounts > Accounts list. The items are setup as asset bank accounts.

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