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Actions available for exporting staff expenses to MYOB
Actions available for exporting staff expenses to MYOB
Updated over a week ago
  • View the staff expense details - Click the green text on the expense number, or the total inc tax column to open this pop-up. See the expense details, the account code that each staff expense is mapped to in MYOB. This is based on your Connect settings, and also shows the MYOB job that will be applied to each line.

  • Staff details - Click the green text for the staff name details to open this pop-up. View the details for the staff member the expense is for, and that staff member will be created in MYOB as a supplier ( created or updated ) in MYOB by this sync. New staff never sync'd before will show the action of add, and the new supplier contact record is created in MYOB by the sync for the staff member. If the staff member already exists in MYOB with the contact name / unique id combination then the action will show update. This allows connect to update the address and phone number details into MYOB, when you have updated those details in Synergy.

  • Error details - Click the green text 'Error detail' to open this pop-up. Here you can see the details of each error message that is showing for the staff cash or travel expense, these errors must be resolved before the sync can be run. Click the '...' actions button to edit the details in Synergy that relate to the warning that is shown. Learn more about MYOB Connect errors and how to resolve them.

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