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Exporting staff expenses details to MYOB
Exporting staff expenses details to MYOB
Updated over a week ago

Each entered staff cash or travel expense can be exported to MYOB, to allow for the staff member to be reimbursed for the expense. View a list of all the staff expenses entered for the period, and select which of these should be sent to MYOB.
Click on any of the green text in the list to open additional pop-ups to see more details about the data that is about to be sent for the staff expense to MYOB.
Staff sent with the bill are matched based on the staff / contact name and unique ID combination (card ID in MYOB). If a match for these details is not found then the sync will look for a contact with the same name. If a contact with the same name exists, then it is updated with the staff details from Synergy such as unique id number. If the name and unique id are not found then a new contact record 'supplier' type is created in MYOB for the Synergy staff member so that the expense can be reimbursed.

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