Xero invoice reference
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Choose what details will be shown in the 'Reference' field on the Xero invoice. The options available are:

  • None - No detail will be sent to Xero for the 'Reference' field on the invoice.

  • Invoice Text - The invoice text entered on the Synergy invoice will be sent to Xero to be shown in the 'Reference' field. Send this detail to Xero to make sure that both Synergy and Xero users see the same note that was sent to the client on the invoice.

  • Project number - Default option applied. This will send the Synergy project number to show in the 'Reference' field on the Xero invoice.

  • Client reference number - This will send the Synergy 'client reference number' which is entered on the project details tab into the optional field of the same name. This can be sent to Xero, if you prefer to show the clients project numbers on the invoice. For example this can be used to keep track of the external reference number for a project that many large corporations require to have displayed on all invoice and credit documents.

Note: This option does not apply to credit notes. Credit notes will always show the original invoice number that the credit note is linked to in the reference field in Xero. This allows the user to know which Xero invoice to link the credit note to after the sync has been run.

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