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Synergy release - 19th April 2022
Synergy release - 19th April 2022

April 2022 synergy release

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This Easter we have plenty of sweet treats to share with you! We’ve made it easier to create and manage revisions of your documents in the project section. We've worked hard to make upgrades to performance in the invoices section and added some exciting new filters to the planning board.

Read all about the changes below.

Document Revisioning

  • You can now drag and drop files in the project documents section when you have SharePoint enabled.

  • We've made updates to the Document details page. You will see a Number, Title, Revision Date and Revision for the document you’re inspecting.

  • We’ve created a new 'Document Register' view in the project document library. Read more

  • The view will display the Number and Title of the controlled documents, which can be manually entered.

  • You'll be able to use these fields as bookmarks in your Transmittal templates.

  • We’ve improved how you Lock a document, for better control over when files can be changed. A locked document can’t be changed or edited.

  • We’ve improved how you roll back a document. It will reliably create a new revision number and update the file name with the file you select to roll back to.

  • You'll experience improved error messages if a .zip file fails to upload to Synergy.

  • We’ve significantly improved the time it takes to generate a Transmittal.

  • We've resolved an issue where you couldn’t upload a document as a new entry if that file had previously been uploaded (and had since been replaced with a revised version).

  • We’ve improved the process when you set up your integration for the first time between Synergy and Microsoft SharePoint, so now it’s not only more reliable, but faster, too.

The Planning Board

  • We've added a range of new filters to the planning board. You can now filter by project type, stage status, office, cost centre, and unassigned roles. Read more

  • The filters will be accessible on the project planning, resource planning and revenue forecasting board.

  • When assigning one staff member's hours to another staff it will directly copy and paste the hours rather than averaging them out. Read more

Contacts and their projects

  • We have fixed the 'project status' filter on a contacts project page, so you can filter by project status accurately.

Performance Enhancements

  • We've made updates and improvements to the invoices section. Creating and generating invoices will be significantly faster.

  • We’ve improved the performance when accessing Invoice information through the Synergy API, so now this can be done up to 2 times faster.

  • We've increased the loading speed for template selection when creating a project letter or project document. In some cases, this has been reduced from up to 5 minutes to under 5 seconds.

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