Synergy Release - 16 May 2022

May release 2022

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This May we have worked hard to make significant updates to the CRM tool including being able to add notes against Personnel. We have made it easier to report on invoices and credit notes in a single report and added greater functionality to the project documents section. Read about all the changes below.


Project Documents

  • You can now manage your revisions even easier, if you upload a wrong file or create a revision incorrectly, you can now delete that Revision and revert to the previously uploaded document.

  • A default view of email details or file details can now be set within each folder. If it’s added to your project folder template it will apply to any new projects. Read more

Project menu

  • We've simplified the Project menu and created shortcuts to areas including your default Image Library and Email folders.

  • The overall 'Document Library' will now be found under Documents > Document Register.


  • We’ve added subcategories when setting an opportunity to Unsuccessful. These are customisable so you can set your own statuses, so you can assess why you didn’t get certain jobs easier.

  • You can now inspect a Personnel for CRM details and opportunities and create Notes and To-Dos for that contact. Read more

  • We’ve added a context menu option for Open, so if you right-click the Open button from the CRM you can open an Opportunity in another tab.

Connect to Storage – Windows File Server

  • A new option has been added for if you create a new file path each year to stop new folders for previous years' projects from being created. Read more


  • We have added a new column called Invoice total (Debits and Credits) that will allow you to see all invoices and credits in the same report. For the report to function, you will need to add the ‘Parent Invoice Number’ column.

Resource Planning

  • We’ve made it easier to reallocate staff hours in the project planning screen and project schedule via the grid view.

Revenue Forecasting

  • If a stage has been marked as complete it will no longer be included in the overall project fee.


  • The budget lines will now be grouped into Internal, External and Expense categories allowing you to keep track of individual areas as well as your gross budget. These will assist you in easily identifying what parts of the budget are for subcontractors, and what parts are for profit. This is the first part of our upcoming subcontractor management module, where you'll be able to break down and report on different types of revenue with ease.


  • We’ve made some significant improvements to the performance when creating an Invoice, including letting you know faster if something isn’t right and getting it generated as fast as possible.

  • Changing rates in an hourly rates stage in an invoice is now easier to use. You will be able to choose options easily outside of the top 50 and if no option is selected placeholder will remain.

  • A length field has been added to the Contact unique ID section on the configuration page making it easier to import large amounts of contacts.

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